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Welcome to the Other Side!

By MJ Peter



GhostiLeaks is a number one Kindle book of the occult and is now IN PRINT. THIRTEEN tales from the other side will have you hungry for more from M.J. Peter. The book contains 11 original stories, many with a ‘Creepy Fact’ about its nature as well as 2 terrifying personal encounters, witnessed by the author himself. As you read each tale, the rich descriptive text leaves you thinking they would make incredible films or a TV series. An episode of the radio show ‘Real Ghost Stories’ recently featured the book’s final tale ‘My Ghost Story’ - an experience which made M.J. Peter question his own beliefs. The book has something for everyone, ghosts, vampires, zombies and some truly bizarre stories that’ll have you wondering how on earth you missed the twist.  It has been compared to the Twilight Zone which M.J Peter states is 'the ultimate compliment'. Welcome to the strange world of GhostiLeaks. . .

As close to proof of ghosts as you're likely to get

Real Ghost Stories


Spooktacular good fun, very scary

Charles Dickens, Author (Deceased)


Master Storyteller, Mesmerising 

Amazon Reviewer - M. Wright

Scary as HELL

Rick, Sussex


Absolutely brilliant

Sarah, Hove


Zombies too... YES!

Clare, London


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